Summer’s here…

and its festival season!!!

Exciting times for all of us – I have the pleasure of working with storytelling troupe Pandvani108 (Ben Haggarty, Emily Parish, Dominic Kelley, Mikael Öberg) and the talented Mr Jonah Brody this July putting together a programme of shows for Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival , and beyond…

You can see me across the summer here in the UK and excitingly in the USA at the end of August as I head off to New England for a swift tour with the lovely Liz Simmons as well as supporting the Long Time Courting gals. I’m so excited to be returning to see friends, play music with confederates and eat as much maple syrup as I can manage… sweet…

And the end of the summer will see the release of my new EP, which will hope to whet your appetite for my forthcoming album … watch this space…

Hope you all have a fantastic festival season… Hope to see you


The year is a-growing….

Happy almost-Spring everyone…!

So far its been a really busy one – the recording is gathering apace and things are getting exciting.  Here’s a little taster for you…

And then theres gigs coming in, both for me solo and Liz and I have our Fire and Wine UK  tour in November booking up.  And most excitingly, looks like I will get to go and play in the USA later this year! Watch this space. Go to the gigs page to see where you can catch me…

And most importantly, keep listening.  x

Its… Album Time!

Finally, after months of dreaming and scheming, I am ready to make an album. The time is now.

Its a whole new day.

Like so many of us, the last few years have seen some radical changes in my life. I moved and my work dried up, and with it all the certainty left. I live a life now pretty close to the wire. But despite all this, or perhaps because of it, I have found a path back to making music. When your luck is down you have to get creative to stay on top, and thats what I am doing. So, caution to the wind, certainty to the dogs, I am throwing myself out there and trusting that this is as good a time as any for a risky venture – I have put together a crowdfunding campaign. Click below to find out more..

And part of that is trusting that brings me here, asking you to help fund me making this inaugural album. I have some excellent folks on board, I have a place to record, at the lovely singer/harpist/storyteller Nick Hennessey’s cottage in the lakes, and I have the material – 11 soulful, pithy, heartfelt songs of Britain and America, mostly old, and if not then old style. What I don’t have is the money. I have tried various other routes, before coming to you (hey, if you want to buy a harp, just let me know!) but when all else fails, the only thing left to do is turn to your friends, so I am reaching out to you to ask for your help to fund this. And in return you get all kinds of personalised rewards as well as my deep gratitude and the knowledge that you have given someone an incredible gift this season.

Share with your friends, tell your colleagues, badger your family and help me to make an album we will all enjoy together. Because thats the root of good folk music – reaching across time and space with our voices raised to connect with each other. Stay in touch, click the link below…

And from me to you – thank you. xxx

Where does the time go…?

So, its been a year since I have been back in good ol’ England. Seriously, a year? It feels like I have blinked and it has sped by, only unlike the September we arrived, this one is much wetter and gloomier! However, this is not a post complaining the weather, not after this summer…

I am so grateful for all the people and music I have met in this last year, for the great clubs I have played, wonderful support from organizers, audiences, friends… you name it. It has been a year where despite the turmoil of leaving those loved behind, I have had an enormous amount of fun and music. What more could a girl want?!

Now its the autumn its time to plan ahead for next year, and start to think about making an album… what do you think?

Happy Harvest everyone x

On the road…

Ms lovely Liz Simmons has arrived in Britain so we are getting our groove on! Between gigs we are rehearsing in my glamorous studio (the shed), and working up some lovely new material. What I love about playing with Liz is her complete willingness to run with an idea – and her lovely singing – and that on the road she makes the perfect companion. She likes drinking juice from the carton, picking flowers from fields…photo

snacking, putting up with my music choices (which are eclectic at best) and she laughs at all my bad jokes. Oh, and did I mention our chocolate eating?

This is the true glamour of being folkies on the road – its all fields, sheds, orange juice and snacks. In between some great venues new friends and lovely songs. Hope to see you there…

Solstice sun’s a shining

Solstice is almost upon us and its been pretty hectic here in the wilds of Cambridgeshire – a house move, an indigogo campaign for the mini tour Liz and I are putting together for July and I just got a contract on my book Children of the Green

Add to that, reviews for Warning Bells are still trickling in and radio play is picking up. I had a lovely review from David Kidman at Fatea Magazine, who wrote the kind of review you always hope for – thoughtful, considered and positive! You can read it here

Today though, I am unpacking 100s of boxes, and getting ready to be support for Boo Hewerdine at the East Anglian Children’s Hospice concert this coming weekend. And when that fun is done, I am sending off email after email of shameless self publicising bumf asking for show cases and spots in clubs around the area, so hopefully I will come and play at a place near you soon!

Its all Indiegogo here…

So this week has been busy – the swifts are back, the sun is threatening to shine and its been school break week  - as always almost braking me!  But good things are afoot…


For those of you who have been wondering about the dynamic Hannah Sanders and Liz Simmons duo and our pending gigs here in the UK this summer, well, we have launched an Indiegogo campaign, in order to help us plug the $$ gap on Liz’s flight. So if you are able to help, please lets get Liz Blighty side and come to a gig if you can! We have a handful across the country and would love to see you. Thanks for supporting emerging, grass roots, transatlantic folk music. x

May Morning

Finally – the sun is out, butterflies are emerging and the birds are singing. Although this May is said to herald the beginning of summer I will settle for a true start to the Spring!

I went down to CB2 the other night to meet up with the lovely Kyle Carey who is at the beginning of her UK tour with Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, and we had a great night. Super music, lovely warm audience, and gossip and wine and laughs too. Everything you want from a night out. Josienne, Ben and Kyle are making a May Song EP whilst Kyle is over here so we had a good chat about our fave May Carols, and I ended up singing a version I know of the First of May into Josienne’s iphone. Iphones  - just think what Lucy, Maud, Alfred and all those wonderful early collectors would have done with them…

Its a busy time – Liz and I are finalizing dates for our mini July flyby tour, and we have some great venues to play around and about – check out our dates at Our duo EP is having some great air with World Begun time around the country too.

My solo work is coming on too as I work up some new material (or old material in a new way) and get myself out and about in the clubs around Cambridge. Its such a vibrant scene round here, its exciting to be a part of it. Warning Bells  is out at the reviewers and we have just sent it off to radio so, fingers crossed!

And a happy May time to you all – may we all be blessed with a gladsome May

Can you hear the Warning Bells..?

Its done – after a last minute rush and a series of desperate emails back and forth across the world we finally have a complete digital download of my new EP Warning Bells.
This short style EP was lovingly recorded by Matt Heaton in his “spare time”, and mastered by Matt Malikowski at Dimension Sound Studios in JP just days before I left New England for Ol’ England once more. Sid Ceasar took the promo shots as my kids ran around in the background, and Grace Van’t Hof has been working up the cover design between shows ever since.

Even though its short, its a labour of love on everyone’s part and is in some ways my American legacy. In Warning Bells, I have included songs that explore life’s big risks, those that are accompanied by ‘warning bells’, that niggling feeling that even when life is good it could quickly turn bad. Originally this was going to be a longer project exploring the dark side of childhood. That will come next, but for now Warning Bells has a little bit of everything you might want- a hopeful young woman on her way to a new country, teenage pregnancy, existential angst, violence and murder.

The final song, Beware of the Kids, is my only self-penned song here. I wrote this whilst I was following the story of the Edlington brothers case in the UK. This terrible account sounded so like a folk song of old, and touches on so much of the politicking in Britain at present about the fear-mongering of the underclasses, child poverty, safeguarding and media violence.

So, thank you for listening, and if you like it, buy it on my BUY page and pass it on!

And special thank yous to those wonderful people who helped bring it here – to Liz Simmons, Peg Aloi, Liz Koch, Dunja Pechstein, Josh Loomis at The Haven, the Heatons, Flynn Cohen, Sean Smith and Steve Levy of Corvus, Laura Cortese, Val and Jon G-B, all my students and of course my family… May the road rise with us all. x